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#Explanation video #Furniture Configurator #Office Space Svenheim

A motion graphics video focused on the the most advanced yet easy to use, Configurator for the office furniture.
Is a great option when you’re really proud of your new tool and want to explain all the new features and advantages visually. Svenheim is well well known furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia.


#StopMotion #Dropshipping #Business Pressera

When Pressera asked us to create a concept video to explain what their drop shipping outsourcing platform is about, we thought that their business would have been perfect for a stop-motion video, and paper-craft is definitely one of our preferred techniques.


#Explanation video #Business #Banking Swedbank

This project's aim was to represent and improve the efficiency of cross-border payments and turn the fragmented national markets for euro payments into a single domestic one.

A Country of Innovations


There are many things to be proud about Lithuania. Here’s a glimpse into some of them, corporate style, where paper miniatures meets the footage and typography in a clean visual structure.


#Stop motion #Traffic #Parking Modus Group

Stop motion videos are not the easy kind, but this one was meant to be fun and easy – as much as the parking app itself. Smart people park smart!


#Flat animation #Energy National Commission for Energy Control and Prices

Can bright and colorful also be minimal? Sure thing when you need to explain where electricity comes from. There is also a cat in there.


#2D Animation #scientists #history Vilnius University

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it also inspired some great ideas. Including this database for the nerds scientists, the story of which is best told with a measure of wit. Watch the video to see for yourself!


#Stop motion #Paper Craft Kaunas City Municipality Public Health Bureau

93 paper objects and 504 office hours went into the making of this short educational video. You’ll be surprised to know how many people skip their handwashing. Are you sure you do it the right way?

Step 2 dream


When explaining a model of business success, we believe smooth and simple are keywords to animation. This one with cute characters is for the ladies, who want to follow their dream – step by step;)

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